300 Feet From Shoreline

This includes Rabour, Mandall, Ox, South Goose, North Goose lakes until water table falls below ordinary high water mark for at least one week.  Signs are posted at Rabour boat landing,
North Goose boat landing, Goose Narrows bridge, and Bud's boat landing.  Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors. The sheriff will ticket those who do not obey the law.

Fishing Contest Winners


Matt Pederson-Northern 5# 13oz

Dave Ikeman-Walleye 4# 3oz

Matt Jefferson-Bass 3# 5oz

Tony Vincent-Crappie 12oz

Dave Pederson-Sunny 9oz


Owen Wolkerstorfer - Northern 1# 15oz

Rick Urvina Jr.-Bass 1# 14oz
Abigal Herbert-Crappie 11oz

Alex Gonet-Sunny 8oz

Big Thank You to supporters of the Fishing Contest!!

Fish Lake Bait AND Thank You to everyone who contributed

cash donations at the meetings!  It's very much

appreciated and all had a great time! 

We had 50 Adults and 25 Children! 

Our Mission:

To maintain and enhance the quality of recreational and residential enjoyment of the Goose Lake Chain of lakes by working to identify lake issues affecting our members and pursue resolutions with the responsible organizations. 

Goose Lake Association is a citizens' organization that actively advocates and promotes the interests of individuals and families who own property on or near the Goose Lake Chain of Lakes.

We are a volunteer, non-profit association, unified for greater influence with our Federal, State and Local officials and agencies that have management authority on and around the lakes.

Goose Lake Association

Little Goose, Big Goose, Oxbow, Mandall and Rabour

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At Goose Lake Association, we're dedicated to enhancing, preserving and protecting the quality of the lakes and it's watershed for recreational use and for future generations.


We work together to find ways to restore our lake to a pristine condition.